Expert Witness and
Consultation Services

Objective expert witness and consultation services from a licensed psychologist to support your legal cases in both state and federal courts.

Receive consultation and expert witness
services to clarify, define, and explain complex
psychological issues.

Questions may arise regarding how a client’s psychological functioning may impact a legal case. At these times, a consultation with a qualified psychological expert can assist you with your:

  • Legal preparation
  • Decision-making process
  • Approach to presenting the psychological information to the jury or judge

Expert witness testimony from an independent, licensed psychologist also helps juries and judges better understand how psychological issues can impact your legal case.

Dr. Nolan provides objective consultation and expert opinions, so you receive facts—not persuasive arguments. 


As a consultant and expert witness, Jacqueline Nolan, PsyD, understands the importance of remaining impartial when providing her expert opinions.

Whether the plaintiff or the defense counsel has hired her, Dr. Nolan focuses on providing detailed and clear explanations of the psychological information relevant to your legal questions.

This approach ensures you receive objective answers based on available factual information and psychological research and principles. As a result, you can accurately formulate and present your legal case.

Dr. Nolan can provide you with:

  • Expert witness testimony at depositions and trials
  • Current research and findings within the field of psychology to support your case
  • Expert witness reports

Jacqueline Nolan, PsyD, provides consultation and expert witness testimony for mental health questions related to:

  • Personal injury
  • Diagnostic clarification and treatment recommendations
  • Fitness for duty
  • Employment discrimination
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Substance abuse

Dr. Nolan provides the information you need to help with your legal decision-making process.

Schedule a free consultation call with Dr. Nolan.

During the consultation call, you will discuss your specific situation to ensure Dr. Nolan can provide the expert opinions you need for your case.

As a designated expert, Dr. Nolan meets with you to further explore the psychological issues and questions related to your case and the services you need.

During the meeting, you’ll have the time you need to discuss the specifics of the case, the psychological issues and questions, and the type of expert support you’ll need for your legal case.

Dr. Nolan conducts the relevant research to provide the answers and expert opinions you need.

Dr. Nolan completes all research, documentation review, and other necessary steps to provide you with the expert information you need. Then, based on the needs of your legal case, you’ll then receive the information either through consultation, expert testimony, or both, as determined in your initial meeting.

Receive expert opinions from a licensed,
qualified psychologist to assist with psychological
questions impacting your legal cases.

Dr. Nolan’s consultation and expert witness services provide
you with the expert opinions you need for your legal decision-making
process when psychological questions arise.